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Because, after Mandate of Heaven, I’ll watch Hotel King for them!


Throwback movie: Meet Mr. Daddy (contains spoilers)

Probably the one of the first Korean movies I’ve ever watched (really?) stars Park Shin Yang & Seo Shin Ae as supposed father and daughter. The movie talks about how dad was told that he has a daughter and, how they then began living their lives in a trailer by what-i-think-is a rubbish dump. Dad finds out his daughter is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness (what’s new?) and he himself can’t see very well. Dad starts to reflect on his “useless” unfruitful life while his daughter’s condition continues to deteriorate each day. It’s no secret, she dies. He crawls out and lives a better life. 

It’s the standard (Korean) tear-jerking storyline, except we then find out these two are not even related in the first place! Say what?! I admit, it was an interesting twist, a tiny stain to the innocence. It made me think maybe, just maybe, living in a lie is not that bad if everything turns out for the better: she dies knowing she has spent her last days with her “father” and he lives as a changed better man.

Acting? Top-notch. Park Shin Yang was great and pulled out the appropriate “hats” for each scene, sad or happy. But even he can’t pull our eyes away from that little button, Seo Shin Ae (Queen’s Classroom). We now know why she still maintains her place as one of Korea’s prized child actresses (together with Kim Yoo Jung, Kim Hyang Gi, Kim Sae Ron etc.). She was 9 when this movie was released (probably much younger when they filmed it, i would believe it if you told me she was 5!). What was i doing at 5 years old?

Here’s the OST for this movie. A really beautiful OST (even though I don’t know what it means). Will definitely watch this movie again someday!

This never grows old! 

- Throwback: Episode 18

Throwback: Episode 18

Someone watched too much Emergency Couple!

P.S. I’m missing Baby Gookie!

Oh Gary! His variety sense is hilarious!

As much as I know Monday Couple is all but an act (yes… yes it is…), i sometimes take delight in watching Gary jealous when Ji Hyo gets paired with the cute guys! 

Ji Hyo: What song is this, Oppa?

Gary: A theme for you?

- Running Man, Episode 192

Extreme withdrawal problems!

I believe the two of them will take care of themselves well.

- Jin Hee’s mum, Emergency couple, Episode 21

Emergency Couple Review


The emergency room where life and death intersect multiple times a day. At this place, this battlefield, we learn and realise things we did not previously know. A place where many people are united as one heart solely to save people. So at this place, miracles occur. We experience those amazing miracles and learn from their pure passion. There is no such thing as a perfect life. As you live, unexpected accidents occur and irreversible mistakes are made. However, every time we fall and get hurt in life, we find ourselves changing for the better, by learning about other’s pains, or by maturing a little bit more. Could that be where love starts? So, even though we may make mistakes and fail again, we will continue to grow and to try.

I start my review by saying, this review contains way too many spoilers if you are spoiler sensitive… so read at your own risk!


GAH MY FEELS!! *give me a moment*

*ok back to earth*

Emergency couple talks about a couple who got a divorce and then met once again while working as interns in an ER department, and for some reason (that i’m still not convinced) hated each other to the core and then for some reason (that i’m still not convinced yet again) fell in love with each other once again. Then again, reasons are not everything we ask for in Kdrama world because who cares when there are so many pretty faces around? *wide smiles*



Let’s start with our “rightful” emergency couple, Oh Jin Hee and Oh Chang Min played by Song Ji Hyo (our Running girl) and Choi Jin Hyuk (Gu Family appa). Now, claps to the genius who decided to cast them because I’m entirely convinced that these two make a couple! The smiles, the hugs, the kisses…… TOO MUCH FEELS!! I’m fully bought into the chemistry that they possess onscreen and off (and now Choi Jin Hyuk just needs to be a guest on Running Man once again!)


That said is when I wish they did better with the whole i-hate-you-till-the-ends-of-the-earth plot. Simply put, the major plot line here is the hesitation to return to a relationship that was once broken. Well, I wasn’t extremely convinced that either parties were that “broken” to begin with because we never got to see enough of Jin Hee or Chang Min’s lives during the period between their divorce and their reunion at the ER. What happened that caused more hatred beyond just pure incompatibility? How tough was it for them after the divorce that exponentially increased this hatred? Why did their relationship take a turn towards divorce in the first place even?! Some of these were explained by mouth but could have been more convincing through actual scenes. Maybe then I’ll be less confused as to why I need to witness both parties taking turns creating fire circles around themselves… (just to then “suddenly” get back together again).



Individually, both Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk can write this drama into their “Book of Best Performances”. I love Song Ji Hyo in Running Man, and she shines in variety but her past drama roles were just a bit too serious for my liking. Emergency Couple gave Ji Hyo a chance to show her cute loveable fun side which is probably how she really is in real life. She shines here as Oh Jin Hee (though i wish her character didn’t drink that much… watch your liver Dr Oh!) And same goes for Choi Jin Hyuk! He is so so so adorable! His smile is so infectious. I’m like smiling at him smiling at me *in a delusion*. His crying scenes were so heart-breaking too. A full showcase of his talent here (well, we all agree, in The Heirs, it was seriously like… he appeared… and he disappeared **LOVE IS THE MOOMEENT!**)   



And then there’s Lee Pil Mo… oh man… this guy tugs every single heartstring in my heart without strings. Chief Gook is the best second lead second-lead-world can ever get. Did you see his fountain of tears while reading his father’s postcard? I died and performed CPR on myself. Everything about Lee Pil Mo’s portrayal was perfect. The sternness accompanied with awkwardness and a tinge of jealousy but yet gracious. I WANT A GUY LIKE HIM!



His last scene with Ji Hyo was just marvellous… so marvellous that I felt like crying knowing that an amazing couple like them had lost to another amazing couple (see, till now I still can’t decide which ship i’m actually on). These two have been “trolling” me since day one all the way till the NG clip moments! Just look at that hug! (sorry it was out of focus to begin with)



Chief Gook’s love life turned out to be an open ending (which seems to be the way to go nowadays). But at least we do get a sense that he and Ji Hye will have a possible future together (and that Ji Hye actually understands his indirect proposal). Which brings me to how great a second female lead Ji Hye is too! I just wished there was a bit more of Ji Hye showing her actual feelings towards Chief Gook. Nevertheless, Choi Yeo Jin does a great job with whatever she’s given here (while playing Chang Min’s relationship counsellor too)



Now the others. Before I take forever with this, i’ll just do them briefly. So, Clara and Yoon Jong Hoon do well as interns. However, I never saw when Ah Reum started liking Yong Gyu (though that’s not important, i’m just glad they didn’t write her role into a hateful third party).


The mother-in-laws were ok when the script needed them to stir a little more drama. Lee Kim Kwang Soo and Kim Jong Gook aka Baby Gookie plus Jin Ae played by Jeon Soo Jin make an adorable family! Baby Gookie wins best baby actor ever with his deer-in-the-headlight expressions! His NG scenes were so cute! He’s like “let me sleep!” and “so you want me to cry now?” (plus Ji Hyo’s bonus expression!) 



So, my ultimate verdict for Emergency Couple is DAEBAK! Though not without flaws, this drama plays all its elements really well. While ultimately focusing on relationships, it keeps to its theme by balancing with adequate, hopefully accurate, medical scenes. The leads are extremely lovely and fun to watch and screencap. Plus, many smart angles and frames make it a rather aesthetic piece too. A piece I will probably watch again.




I need a guy who surprises me on my supermarket trip, helps me pick seafood, makes sure i get the better packet of veges, looks out for freebies on milk cartoons, lets me feed him food samples, and cleans my house…

I need a Chief Gook in my life!

Jin Hee is dating me now.

- Oh Chang Min, Emergency couple, Episode 20

Because I had to spoil it for myself before the english subs come up!

This is the cutest peck EVER! And probably the first time Jin Hee initiates… and the sweetest smiles ever too!

Credits: cjenmdrama (which has the other kiss scenes of episode 20 as well!) 

Jae Suk and his speck of gold!

And can we talk about how he gave his speck of gold and coveted sheriff star to those little Aussie girls who probably don’t know him?

Mr Yoo, you’re such a nice guy!


This baby will grow up knowing he has been bathed handled by Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo. It’s the perfect show-and-tell in school!