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I love this Mandate reunion!

And, he IS the most adorable “mouse” ever!

- Episode 211

He said he dropped the balloon!!!

I just love this giraffe mask so much!

- Throwback Episode 141

She’s got a point.

The perfect mission for our giraffe…

… not so perfect if it was Ha Ha’s

- Throwback Ep 126

Throwback Ep 126

Black Heart White Soul Review (Spoiler alert!)

Wow hasn’t it been a while! I think most fans of TVB would agree that this piece ‘resurrected’ some faith! Black Heart White Soul is such a solid work, and why wouldn’t it be with a well established plot line, and great plus some not-so-great-but-still-bearable cast performances? While I sometimes lose the point of the drama (which is typical of dramas that run longer than 20 episodes, this was 30), I could still find myself understanding why some characters acted the way they acted, or did the things they did. 

Roger Kwok has always been one of my favourite actors. He has proven himself to be capable of all sorts of roles from the cute loveable Ah Wong (Square Pegs, Life Made Simple) to righteous law enforcers (To Get Unstuck in Time, D.I.E) to creepy villains (Last One Standing). And he doesn’t fail as Matt here, another creepy villain. In fact, Matt takes creepiness to the next level since he always has some logical explanation for his acts. At one point, i actually wondered if the role of Matt could be played without him being handicapped. But I guess the fact Matt could cause that much harm makes him so much more sinister. Also the delicate balance between him being helpless and sinister is played so well by Roger. I am in awe.

Kristal Tin as May was somewhat interesting. I’m not sure if May’s change from being wild to angelic was all that smooth, but May did serve her purpose when she is remembered (yes, i actually did forget her when we were dealing with Marco and gang). May is one of those typical characters that I would deem as stupid in other dramas. However, the way Kristal played her made May’s constant trust in Matt believable. Kristal and Roger had the appropriate amount of chemistry, and some part could be attributed to their professionalism and experience in this field. To put things into perspective, Roger is turning 50 and Kristal 37 this year (how does that face look 50?)

And then there’s Ron as Funny. I have yet looked into his resume but I do think that if Ron ever quits being an actor, the police force will sign him on. This has got to be his 999th role as a cop. Well, anyway, i’m quite pleased with his performance, more so when Gillian is out of the picture. Oh my Gillian… where do i even start? Ok, let’s just say, Gillian being in coma actually made me ‘rejoice’. I can’t figure if it’s Gillian being such a pain as a character (and even existing in real life… how can she be a university lecturer? really? seriously?) or if it’s just Lisa’s raw acting or a mix of both. 

Still, the good outweighs the bad. The supporting cast members sans Gillian are pretty solid. Marco and Scarlet make the most believable couple in Black Heart White Soul. Both brought me close to tears when Scarlet’s true nature surfaced. I hated Scarlet when she returned to To Yee Hang, wishing that it was all a plot to revenge for Macro (speaking of which, Waise Lee is so superbly evil!). But whatever. What even happened to Marco in the end though? Anyway, lots of claps for Louis and Leanne. Seriously, that piano scene was the sweetest thing ever. Another worthy mention would be May Chan. Miu Miu is probably a rare role for May where her character does not draw attention to her size, neither does that drive the plot, but delicately allows her to showcase her acting talent. She is not perfect but effective. Love to see May in more of such roles! 

As a whole, I enjoyed Black Heart White Soul. It is one of those drama formulas that is played just right this time. Its ending deserves a standing ovation as well (think Last One Standing). Highly recommended!

Why do you keep smiling?

Because I like you.

- It’s okay that’s love, Episode 7

Questions I ask in life too.

08.20.1979 - happy birthday to our Haroro
Thank you for being the cute playboy who never grows up.

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Commentators at their best! 

My sentiments exactly…