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Throwback movie: Meet Mr. Daddy (contains spoilers)

Probably the one of the first Korean movies I’ve ever watched (really?) stars Park Shin Yang & Seo Shin Ae as supposed father and daughter. The movie talks about how dad was told that he has a daughter and, how they then began living their lives in a trailer by what-i-think-is a rubbish dump. Dad finds out his daughter is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness (what’s new?) and he himself can’t see very well. Dad starts to reflect on his “useless” unfruitful life while his daughter’s condition continues to deteriorate each day. It’s no secret, she dies. He crawls out and lives a better life. 

It’s the standard (Korean) tear-jerking storyline, except we then find out these two are not even related in the first place! Say what?! I admit, it was an interesting twist, a tiny stain to the innocence. It made me think maybe, just maybe, living in a lie is not that bad if everything turns out for the better: she dies knowing she has spent her last days with her “father” and he lives as a changed better man.

Acting? Top-notch. Park Shin Yang was great and pulled out the appropriate “hats” for each scene, sad or happy. But even he can’t pull our eyes away from that little button, Seo Shin Ae (Queen’s Classroom). We now know why she still maintains her place as one of Korea’s prized child actresses (together with Kim Yoo Jung, Kim Hyang Gi, Kim Sae Ron etc.). She was 9 when this movie was released (probably much younger when they filmed it, i would believe it if you told me she was 5!). What was i doing at 5 years old?

Here’s the OST for this movie. A really beautiful OST (even though I don’t know what it means). Will definitely watch this movie again someday!

This never grows old! 

- Throwback: Episode 18

Throwback: Episode 18

Someone watched too much Emergency Couple!

P.S. I’m missing Baby Gookie!

Oh Gary! His variety sense is hilarious!

As much as I know Monday Couple is all but an act (yes… yes it is…), i sometimes take delight in watching Gary jealous when Ji Hyo gets paired with the cute guys! 

Ji Hyo: What song is this, Oppa?

Gary: A theme for you?

- Running Man, Episode 192

Extreme withdrawal problems!

I believe the two of them will take care of themselves well.

- Jin Hee’s mum, Emergency couple, Episode 21

Emergency Couple Review


The emergency room where life and death intersect multiple times a day. At this place, this battlefield, we learn and realise things we did not previously know. A place where many people are united as one heart solely to save people. So at this place, miracles occur. We experience those amazing miracles and learn from their pure passion. There is no such thing as a perfect life. As you live, unexpected accidents occur and irreversible mistakes are made. However, every time we fall and get hurt in life, we find ourselves changing for the better, by learning about other’s pains, or by maturing a little bit more. Could that be where love starts? So, even though we may make mistakes and fail again, we will continue to grow and to try.

I start my review by saying, this review contains way too many spoilers if you are spoiler sensitive… so read at your own risk!

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I need a guy who surprises me on my supermarket trip, helps me pick seafood, makes sure i get the better packet of veges, looks out for freebies on milk cartoons, lets me feed him food samples, and cleans my house…

I need a Chief Gook in my life!

Jin Hee is dating me now.

- Oh Chang Min, Emergency couple, Episode 20

Because I had to spoil it for myself before the english subs come up!

This is the cutest peck EVER! And probably the first time Jin Hee initiates… and the sweetest smiles ever too!

Credits: cjenmdrama (which has the other kiss scenes of episode 20 as well!) 

Jae Suk and his speck of gold!

And can we talk about how he gave his speck of gold and coveted sheriff star to those little Aussie girls who probably don’t know him?

Mr Yoo, you’re such a nice guy!


This baby will grow up knowing he has been bathed handled by Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo. It’s the perfect show-and-tell in school!