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everyone looked gorgeous yesterday :) (more photos here and here, credits to the photographers) and so my predictions were, hmmm… oh well, some were close… haha! 

My favourite TVB actor and actress:

  • Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu 

other male nominees: Moses Chan, Wayne Lai, Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, Raymond Wong, Raymond Lam, Ruco Chan, Kenneth Ma, Michael Tse

other female nominees: Kate Tsui, Charmaine Sheh, Tavia Yeung, Aimee Chan, Liza Wang, Linda Chung, Sharon Chan, Fala Chen, Niki Chow

oh well… i did say that Starhub awards ceremonies are ultimately organized by TVB (and so would largely follow TVB’s own award ceremonies) so i’m not surprised… but to be very truthful, some part of me thought Raymond Lam would get it (since we’re still quite “crazy” about him here in Singapore)… but then again, Raymond hasn’t been too “into” TVB matters nowadays… Kevin and Myolie are probably the more deserving nominees :)

My favorite TVB on-screen couple:

  • Moses Chan and Linda Chung (YSSS)

my take on this award is that it’s just a consolation award… though they’re really cute, i’m still quite bitter that Kenneth and Tavia didn’t get it… it’s really unfair to have them nominated but not having On Call broadcast before the awards ceremony (since On Call is only available “on demand” as of now)… but then again there are Singaporeans like me who keep up with up-to-date TVB dramas as they’re released in HK… i love Moses and Linda but awarding them for their pairing in YSSS is just too strange… i’m baffled…

My favorite TVB drama theme song:

  • The Hippocratic Crush (Joey Yung)

the ONLY award that is truly justifiable!! I LOVE ON CALL!!! (btw, Joey wasn’t there… thanks for not rigging this award! hahaha!)

My favorite TVB drama:

  • When Heaven Burns
  • Singapore media’s favorite drama: Ghetto Justice

other nominations: Ghetto Justice, Forensic Heroes 3, The Other Truth, The Hippocratic Crush, L’Escargot, Bottled Passion, Lives of Omission, Curse of the Royal Harem, Queens of Diamonds and Hearts

erm… this was unexpected… very unexpected… i was deeply surprised… i don’t know what to say about the “Singapore media’s favorite” part… just seems to me like an “excuse” to award 2 dramas…

Best TVB male and female newcomers:

  • Ruco Chan and Aimee Chan

Most improved TVB male and female artistes:

  • Raymond Wong and Selena Li

Ruco as a newcomer? ok… maybe he’s quite new to other Singaporeans but i’ve actually seen him in many dramas before… Aimee is a newcomer for sure (whether she’s the best, now that’s questionable)… Raymond and Selena’s awards were very deserving! :) so happy for the both of them :D

My favorite TVB male character:

  • Kenneth Ma (The Hippocratic Crush)
  • Moses Chan (When Heaven Burns)
  • Bosco Wong (Lives of Omission)
  • Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice)
  • Wayne Lai (Forensic Heroes 3)
  • Sunny Chan (Curse of the Royal Harem)

other nominees: Raymond Wong (The Other Truth), Michael Tse (Lives of Omission), Ruco Chan (The Other Truth), Ron Ng (L’Escargot)

every year Starhub has this award, it’s like a “let’s get as many HK artistes here so we can have a decent show but still have enough awards to make everyone happy” award… yup… i’m quite surprised they didn’t nominate Raymond for Bottled Passion instead (he would have a more decent 60% chance)… other surprises were Sunny’s award and how Michael didn’t get awarded… Ron too! i thought he would have had a good chance since L’Escargot is on cable now…

My favorite TVB female character:

  • Myolie Wu (Ghetto Justice)
  • Linda Chung (L’Escargot)
  • Tavia Yeung (The Hippocratic Crush)
  • Kate Tsui (Lives of Omission)
  • Fala Chen (Queens of Diamonds and Hearts)
  • Charmaine Sheh (When Heaven Burns)

other nominees: Selena Li (Wish and Switch), Liza Wang (Super Snoops), Niki Chow (Bottled Passion), Sharon Chan (Ghetto Justice)

all the top fadans were mainly covered (though i haven’t watched Queens so i don’t know how Fala performed there… but i feel it’s too new a show for Singaporeans to know about…)… was hoping Bottled Passion to be recognized in some way since i did like it… 

Special awards:

  • Star of perfect poise award: Kate Tsui 
  • Most glamorous female artiste award: Tavia Yeung
  • Most energetic award: Kenny Wong
  • Best smile award: Linda Chung
  • Professional spirit award: Bowie Wu

again, Starhub likes to have special awards (some are from their sponsors) to spice up their ceremonies… but that’s probably about it… just quite fun to see what prizes they come up with and who gets them… 

can’t wait for the full show! it should be broadcasting soon :) stay tuned Singaporean fans! :D

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