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On Call feels (week 1)

(hold on while i sniff up those last tears *sniff wipe*) 

Wow… It has finally come to this day! The medical drama that took everyone by surprise last year (mainly by how it became so popular even without intentional promotion) has finally given us its second installment! I had many worries about this, but so far this first week has not been disappointing.

Our main couple YuTau (or in reality, KenTa, almost synonymous by now) are still the main scene-stealers, so much so that i’m a bit impatient when it comes to everyone else’s scenes. My only surprise is how passive Kenneth’s character is (though this may improve as we get to the whole anxiety stuff). Tavia, on the other hand, had many more opportunities to show off her acting skills! I can’t bear to see them part later on (they better end up back together again or i don’t know what faith i will have in tvb love). Kenneth and Tavia’s chemistry really gives me the squeaks and I’m so emotionally attached to their baby (that doesn’t have a name even!). I love how they don’t even need to be in the same scene but with the mention of each other in the script, show how deep their love is (in the drama, i mean… we all know Tavia is taken by Mr Law).  

Speaking of whom, Him seems to have many new love interests this time while he continues to excel beautifully as the lovable Onion. Him and Eliza do look pretty cute (even though they only had 1 scene together as yet). I don’t really care about Him’s relationship with the other 2 (Crystal and Candy) mainly cos i know the focus wouldn’t be on them anyway.  

Then we have Benjamin and Mandy whom are probably playing the hard-to-get couple. I like how the writers have made the effort to make each relationship line unique. Benjamin and Mandy are not sweet like KenTa, nor cute like Him and Eliza. Rather, they’re pretty cold on the outside but love each other deeply on the inside. Quite a delicate contrast at play which Benjamin and Mandy have done well so far. Mandy is also playing her strict supervisory role well even with the raw acting from her trainee doctors.

Oh yes! There’s also Lawrence Ng and Tracy Chu! Why does it feel like they are in a separate drama altogether? Anyway, something is a bit strange with this veteran-newbie pairing. Not that they are bad (Tracy’s acting gave me a shock considering it’s her first acting stint ever), but I don’t know how to even describe their relationship. Lawrence’s character’s history is still a mystery that is slowly uncovering (that girl who plays his daughter deserves a mention, she was pretty impressive in that office scene in episode 5). I especially love Lawrence’s scenes with his powerhouse counterparts, Koo Ming Wah and Louisa So. It’s just too bad that much of my heart is given to KenTa.

I bet you would have noticed that I haven’t commented about some of the cast, and that’s intentional or not, i just forgotten who’s who. On Call’s huge casting project must have been a scriptwriter’s nightmare! I can’t even recognise half of the newbie housemen (or even the oldies, who have upgraded from their housemen positions). Still, i’m hoping they’ll pull this off nicely even with the mad scramble to give everyone enough airtime. Can’t wait for next week!  

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